Ivanti EPM inventory does not store enough detail for Driver Manager to use for driver searches. The Ivanti EPM Discovery Service can be configured to gather this data and store it within the EPM database.


  • Ivanti EPM 2017 or later with Data Analytics
  • Driver Manager 7.0.7 or later


The steps below will configure the Ivanti EPM database and Discovery Services to gather the required information. Once the Discovery Services task has completed the required hardware inventory data will be available within the Ivanti EPM database. The Driver Manager LANDesk Inventory Export tool can be used to export this data for use with the Driver Manager console. 

Complete the following steps:

  1. Save the 3 XML files attached to this article into a folder on the Ivanti EPM server

  2. Copy the Datamart_ENGL.xml file to the <EPM install location>\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Tools folder

  3. From an Administrator command prompt, run:
    <EPM install location>\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\coredbutil.exe /xml=<EPM install location>\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Tools\Datamart_ENGL.xml

  4. Click the Build Components button, once the status displays Completed, click Close.

  5. Restart the LANDesk Inventory Server service.

  6. From the Ivanti Management Console select: Tools | Data Analytics | Discovery Services

  7. Make sure you have configured a device range to scan and configured an account to use in the WMI scan that has appropriate rights to connect and scan devices as per the Discovery Services documentation.

  8. In the Discovery Services window, expand WMI, then right click All WMI Classes and select Import export file then select the ENGLWMI.xml and click Open.

  9. In the Discovery Services window, expand WMI, then right-click WMI Groups and select Import Group, browse to the ENGLGroup.xml file and click OK.

  10. In the Discovery Services window, expand Configurations, right-click All configs and select Add Config

  11. Specify a Name and select Use WMI, click Next twice

  12. Add an Address range and click Next, then add a Login and click Next

  13. Add the ENGL Inventory WMI group then click the Full Scan item and click the Del button to remove it, then click Next and then click Finish.

  14. Either schedule the configuration to run at a specific time or run the configuration immediately.

  15. From the machine where Driver Manager is installed navigate to <Driver Manager installation folder>\Tools folder, copy the DMLANDeskInvExport.exe file to the Ivanti EPM core server.

  16. On the Ivanti EPM core server, launch the DMLANDeskInvExport.exe

  17. The Server and Database will be automatically populated using the installed services, select Use Windows authentication, or alternatively specify a Username and Password for the SQL server connection. Click the Test Connection button to ensure database connectivity.

  18. Browse to or specify an Export folder then click Export Inventory.

  19. Once completed the inventory for each available machine within the EPM database will be saved in the Export folder specified. Copy these files to a folder on the machine running Driver Manager.

  20. Open the Driver Manager console, select the Import Hardware task and click Next

  21. Select Import all DMScanner XML files in a folder and browse to the location specified in step 16 above, then click Next and click Yes to import all available machines.

Once imported, search for, download and integrate drivers as per the documentation.