ENGL Imaging Toolkit 12 includes the latest Windows version support and management integration. As part of this we are excited to bring you Windows 11 and AutoPilot support. Additionally, we have streamlined the base image creation process and updated our walkthrough's accordingly. Preview 2 brings the ENGL Monitor Service and ENGL Image Serviceā„¢.

If you'd like to get involved and test the Preview please contact us.

Customers should install and use Imaging Toolkit 12 Preview in a virtual test environment. Do not upgrade your production Imaging Toolkit installation. Windows 11 and ADK/WinPE 11 have bugs and issues which are out of our control.

What's New

Imaging Toolkit 12 Preview 2 [Build 1683]

  • ENGL Monitor Service ( available here! )
  • ENGL Image Service
  • Windows 11 support for Build Console
  • Removed x86 platform support
  • Fixes for issues reported by Preview 1 customers

Imaging Toolkit 12 Preview 1 [Build 1670]

  • Windows 11 deployment support
  • AutoPilot / InTune support (ENGL Deployment)
  • Base image preparation UEFI/BIOS detection
  • Imported Windows media displays with friendly version and build number, i.e. 21H2 build 19043
  • Redesigned deployment status window
  • Build Console project file (.itprj) association


For all questions and feedback, please log a ticket in the usual way ensuring you specify "12.0 Preview" for the Imaging Toolkit dropdown.


  • Virtual test environment with internet access
  • Imaging Toolkit admin machine (Windows 10 x64) with Windows ADK / WinPE for Windows 11 (or ADK / WinPE 2004 for Windows 10)
  • Windows Server with WDS / PXE configured (referred to as ENGL Deployment)
  • Imaging Toolkit 12 Preview license


Due to an issue in WinPE 11 where drive letters are not assigned correctly, whilst following the walkthrough below, a change is required to the server TFTP\zimfiles\zim.cfg to allow the base image to be captured. 

The zim.cfg Dev_Make_Image sections need to be needs to be edited as follows:

; Make an image


  File:Append,"%_ZimDir%ZimCaptureScript.txt","select disk 0"
  File:Append,"%_ZimDir%ZimCaptureScript.txt","select volume 1"
  File:Run,"diskpart /s %_ZimDir%ZimCaptureScript.txt",silent

Please use the walkthroughs from the following documentation (subject to change):


Have fun and let us know how you get on!